Iranian Firm to Import Solar e-Bikes
Sept. 22,2017

Iranian Firm to Import Solar e-Bikes

Source: Financial Tribune  

Datis Khodro, an Iranian local auto importer, is set to bring solar-powered electric bicycles to Iran. Milad Alinaqi, the company’s CEO, said Datis has reached a deal with the Italian bicycle producer LEAOS and has been named as exclusive agent of the company’s e-bikes in Iran, Mehr News Agency reported. 

In addition to being environment-friendly, LEAOS bikes can be charged by their solar panels or plugged-in and recharged from an outlet. 

The bike can go up to 45km/h. The company is yet to announce a price for the bikes. On the LEAOS website, it is tagged at €5,490. 

Considering the high price it is rather unlikely that the bike will be able to attract many buyers in Iran.

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